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This module explains the certification process and explores the career of doulas.


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This course is a step to becoming a certified birth and postpartum doula.

Childbirth Professionals International (CPI) Doula certification program is internationally recognized and prepares you for an amazing and rewarding career.

The comprehensive online curriculum prepares Doulas to support women through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Module 1 –  Certification Process and The Doula Profession

Module 1 introduces students to the amazing work of doulas and discusses the specific details of what a doula can do and cannot do.


Completing all 15 course modules should take roughly 16 hours to complete. Modules include video and audio presentations, reading assignments, and extremely brief writing assignments.

Work at your own pace. Expect some modules to be quick and others to take longer.


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Topics for this course

17 Lessons

Certification Requirements and All Forms?

Understand what is required to become a certified doula
Welcome Video4:19
Forms to complete

Important Course Info?

Grading and technology details

Doula Profession?

Videos of doula work and understanding your intention to become a doula

The Work of Doulas?

Specifics about scope of work

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CPI offers online courses that are both evidence-based and skills competency based. The intention is for participants to gain not only knowledge but the practical skills to serve and empower families.
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