Doula Birth and Postpartum Certification

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Did you know that the work of Doulas is priceless?

Do you wish to empower birthing families?

Are you ready to learn the basics of doula care?

Then let’s get started on this amazing journey!

A bit about us

We have been training doulas for more than 20 years all around the world. Teaching the ins and outs of how birth works and providing strategies on how to assist families step by step. It is our experience that childbirth is powerful, awe-inspiring, and transformative.

CPI is a certifying organization for childbirth professionals and birth workers. CPI holds a continuing education provider license by the California Board of Registered Nurses.

four steps to certification

  1. Take Doula Birth and Postpartum Course – $495 or pay as you learn $39
  2. Provide Doula support for two families
  3. Interview two birth professionals
  4. Complete reading required course books

Doula certification is renewed every 4 years. At the time of renewal doulas must submit 8 contact hours and the renewal fee. The renewal fee is waived if doulas receive all CPI contact hours by taking any CPI courses.

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course fee includes

  • All certification forms
  • Upon completion awards 16 Nursing CEUs or 16 Contact Hours
  • Free CPI membership
  • Priority dedicated student support by email, phone, text
  • Nothing to mail or fax!
  • No yearly fees paid by CPI Doulas

Doula Online Course

The curriculum is competency based. Students will be able to:

  • Identify attributes of doula care that improve birth outcomes
  • Implement techniques that assist with coping during labor
  • Recognize transformative phases of childbirth
  • Assist mothers with initial breastfeeding
  • Assess state of families during postpartum and provide care
  • Write a doula business plan

15 module topics

  • 1. The Doula Profession & Certification Process — FREE course preview
  • 2. Pregnancy
  • 3. The Labor Process
  • 4. Labor Support Techniques Part 1
  • 5. Meeting Your Clients
  • 6. Labor Process Pushing
  • 7. Labor Support Techniques Part 2
  • 8. Doula Practicals
  • 9. Medications and Interventions
  • 10. Birth Plans
  • 11. Informed Consent
  • 12. Postpartum
  • 13. Newborns
  • 14. Challenging Situations
  • 15. Starting a Doula Business

We are delighted to address any of your concerns.

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course reviews

I learned so much from this course and want to take the time to thank all that was involved in putting this program together. It has been a real eye opener in many ways and I am excited to get the forms completed in order to get my certificate so that I can help others the way this course has helped me. (Alicia)

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I have learned more about the risks of interventions during birth (I never used any, so haven’t experienced an epidural or pitocin, for example).  From this workshop I have gotten a better sense of the practical considerations of preparing to go “a-doula-ing”, like planning my calendar, what to charge, how many clients I can support per month, etc.  I also got good reminders about how to approach a client and her partner, to be more sensitive and take my time. I feel ready to get going! There aren’t any suggestions that come to my mind.  You have done a fine job. Thanks, Anne

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begin your journey

Chose either to pay as you go or all at once:

  • $39 pay as you learn or
  • Pay $495 at start for all 15 modules and save $90

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