Doula Birth and Postpartum Certification

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The CPI Doula Birth and Postpartum certification program is internationally recognized and prepares you for an amazing and rewarding career. This comprehensive curriculum prepares Doulas to support women through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. You will also learn strategies to build a successful doula business. Transfers are accepted from different doula organizations; see requirements (click).

Learning Outcomes

The curriculum is competency based. Students will be able to:

  • Identify attributes of doula care that improve birth outcomes
  • Implement techniques that assist with coping during labor
  • Recognize transformative phases of childbirth
  • Assist mothers with initial breastfeeding
  • Assess state of families during postpartum and provide care
  • Write a doula business plan

Doula Role and Scope

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Steps for Doula Certification

  1. Take Doula Birth and Postpartum Course – $36 pay as you learn
  2. Provide Doula support for two families
  3. Interview two birth professionals
  4. Complete reading required course books

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Doula Online Course – 15 Modules

Awards 16 Nursing CEUs or 16 Contact Hours upon completion

  • 1. The Doula Profession & Certification Process — FREE course preview
  • 2. Pregnancy
  • 3. The Labor Process
  • 4. Labor Support Techniques Part 1
  • 5. Meeting Your Clients
  • 6. Labor Process Pushing
  • 7. Labor Support Techniques Part 2
  • 8. Doula Practicals
  • 9. Medications and Interventions
  • 10. Birth Plans
  • 11. Informed Consent
  • 12. Postpartum
  • 13. Newborns
  • 14. Challenging Situations
  • 15. Starting a Doula Business

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Enrollment Fees

Course fees automatically include certification, membership, and online forms. Nothing to mail or fax! No yearly fees paid by CPI Doulas.

Chose either to pay as you go or all at once:

  • $36 pay as you learn or
  • Pay $425 at start for all 15 modules and save $115

Next Steps

Start by checking out the FREE preview of lessons in Doula Course Module 1

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