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Breastfeeding Specialists will be able to assess the mother/baby dyad for optimal breastfeeding and implement in-home support strategies through the first weeks of postpartum.


Course awards 24 contact hours — California Board of Registered Nursing Provider

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Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

*Identify historical and contemporary issues relating to infant nursing practices

*Analyze the intrinsic significance and transformative experience of breastfeeding and the impact it has upon women, children, families and society

*Use breastfeeding devices to facilitate feeding infants and help women cope with breastfeeding challenges

*Evaluate supportive and non-supportive counseling strategies

*Promote the health benefits of exclusive breastfeeding

*Distinguish characteristics of proper latch and suckling


This course is self paced. Expect some modules to be quick and others to take longer. Each module has videos, readings, assignments to complete.

Once all 8 learning modules are completed an attendance verification will be sent by email for 24 contact hours.

Students must complete additional requirements to become certified Breastfeeding Specialists.

Book Required

Counseling the Nursing Mother, latest edition by Lauwers and Swisher (students purchase)

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Without exception no refunds and no credits for online courses.


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Topics for this course

37 Lessons

Certification Requirements?

Overview of breastfeeding specialist certification requirements and forms.
Document Support Hours

1. Evolution of Breastfeeding?

Understand the evolution of breastfeeding and cultural shift from nursing to bottle feeding and back again.

2. Support Strategies?

Learn how to empower and support families to breastfeed.

3. Breast Anatomy?

Overview of breast anatomy.

4. Basics of Breastfeeding?

Learn how to get started breastfeeding.

5. Pumping and Options?

Understanding pumping, purchasing breast milk, & other options.

6. Beyond first month?

Strategies and information for breastfeeding after the first month.

7. Common Challenges?

Review of breastfeeding challenges and implementing strategies to manage and overcome.

8. Breastfeeding and Culture?

This module examines culture, feminism, and bias in breastfeeding.

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