Common Questions About Doula Certification


How long does this take?

The program is self paced. The online course has 16 hours of content broken into small sections of information.  It takes students anywhere from a few weeks to a few days depending on their schedule to complete the entire program. It is well organized, clear, and easy to complete. The instructor is available to assist students. You are not left unsupported.

Do I need certification?

That is a personal decision. You may take the Doula Birth and Postpartum course only and not complete the certification program.

Is there an extra fee to be certified?

No. By enrolling in the course you are automatically in the certification program. CPI has no additional fees. However, all books are paid for by the student. Just like in college students purchase their own books.

Must I be trained by a specific Doula organization?

You are free to choose the Doula organization that works best for you. Like choosing to attend a college; the same choice applies to a doula certification program. You should feel no pressure to be a part of any particular organization. Choose which suits you best and your budget.

Where is this accepted?

The CPI Birth and Postpartum Doula certification is accepted world wide. Check with your employer or health organization if they have a specific requirement.

What does Doula certification mean?

Certification means that Doulas have taken a formal training and completed additional competency requirements.  Doulas provide no medical care, therefore are not licensed.

When am I certified?

CPI has 4 requirements to complete for certification. Once done then you will be certified.

How do I get my certification?

Your certification will be sent by email within 1 to 3 days of completion.

Are there any tests?

No tests are required. The CPI Certification program is competency based and has practical assignments to complete within the online course.