Certification Requirements?

Overview of breastfeeding specialist certification requirements and forms.

1. Evolution of Breastfeeding?

Understand the evolution of breastfeeding and cultural shift from nursing to bottle feeding and back again.

2. Support Strategies?

Learn how to empower and support families to breastfeed.

3. Breast Anatomy?

Overview of breast anatomy.

4. Basics of Breastfeeding?

Learn how to get started breastfeeding.

5. Pumping and Options?

Understanding pumping, purchasing breast milk, & other options.

6. Beyond first month?

Strategies and information for breastfeeding after the first month.

7. Common Challenges?

Review of breastfeeding challenges and implementing strategies to manage and overcome.

8. Breastfeeding and Culture?

This module examines culture, feminism, and bias in breastfeeding.
History of Infant Feeding

Read the following article.

There will be an assignment based upon text.

Breastfeeding History