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Student Review of Doula Course

The CPI faculty team work extremely hard to be responsive, supportive, and provide content that practically prepares students to serve as doulas.

Alicia wrote the following after completing the Doula Birth and Postpartum Course...

1. During this workshop I learned so much information I never knew when I went through motherhood, from coping strategies such as breathing techniques, massage, walking to relieve contractions, visualization strategies, to tools that can be used, pain medications other than the epidural, having a birth plan, etc. Most importantly I learned that I had most likely had options that I never knew I had as being the birthing mother 26 years ago. I followed what the doctors and nurses suggested or did because I knew no better, and no one to offer or teach me otherwise.

2. After taking this course I feel more knowledgeable about the birthing process, how to be a support person and advocate to new birthing mothers and their spouses, to let them know that they have options and that its their ultimate decision how on things are done unless an emergency arises. I feel that as becoming a doula, there will always be something to learn along the way just as with the nursing career and I look forward to continuingly growing as I become a doula for others.

3. My suggestion to myself and others that are wanting to become a doula is to continue learning everyday, review the techniques we learned during this course, practice the techniques as much as possible and be the best support person/advocate that you possible can during the stages of labor before during and after. That’s when they will need it most.

I learned so much from this course and want to take the time to thank all that was involved in putting this program together. It has been a real eye opener in many ways and I am excited to get the forms completed in order to get my certificate so that I can help others the way this course has helped me.