Breastfeeding Specialist Certification

breastfeeding specialist

Awards 24 contact hours — California Board of Registered Nursing

The breastfeeding specialist certification (BSC) program was designed to combine ongoing continuous emotional and physical support strategies with breastfeeding knowledge and techniques. The program trains childbirth professionals to provide hospital and in-home breastfeeding support during the first weeks of a newborn’s life, when exclusive breastfeeding is most at risk.

Program Requirements

There are three steps to complete certification as a breastfeeding specialist.

1. Take Breastfeeding Specialist Training Course all eight modules.

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Enrollment Fee

Pay for full course $395 and save $61

or pay by the module $57 each.

2. Complete required reading.

  • Counseling the Nursing Mother, latest edition by Lauwers and Swisher, purchase
  • Your Guide to Breastfeeding, by US Department Office of Women’s Health, included
  • Breastfeeding Handbook, by Newfoundland and Labrador, included

3. Document 40 hours of breastfeeding support (virtual support allowed).

Program participants must assist families with breastfeeding providing a minimum of 40 hours of support as part of the steps to complete certification. These hours should include a minimum of two different families or mothers and babies. Participants will track support hours using the online documentation form. This requirement gives students the opportunity to practice their breastfeeding support skills and experience varied situations assisting families.


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